GROI call this our 'Forbidden Dictionary'; a list of words and cliches commonly used by coaches and supporters that 'to be fair' the players could live without! Now we take player development seriously but why not have a smile to yourself as you consider who in your club are the key culprits? It could be you? The reality is that most of these words are either pointless or bloomin obvious. Imagine trying to play yourself with all that waffle coming in your direction. Perhaps we can start to phase these words out? Let them think, let them learn, let them play!

Forbidden Dictionary


Get rid
Get rid of it
Clear it

Boot it

Hoof it

Put your foot through it

Put it out
Pick it up
Get in there
Get stuck in
Push out
Track back
What you doing?
Spread out
Pass it

Release it
Head it

Cross it
Spread out
Billy, you take it
Down the line
You’re walking
Not there (skill)
Not there (pass)
Nothing fancy
Head up
Stretch um out
Play the way you’re facing
Let the ball do the work
Easy ball
You’re too quiet
Can’t hear you
Talk to each other
More chat
No movement
Move! LOL

If you know of any more classic words / sayings / cliches for our 'Forbidden Dictionary' give us an 'OI@GROI'...

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